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Forwell’s Quick Die Change System is an automatic die changing system that can be specifically designed for hydraulic and mechanical power presses and press production lines. This system automates the die changing process and provides increased speed, efficiency and productivity to a workshop. The Quick Die Change System not only reduces die change time, but also promotes diverse small batch production runs and streamlines production management. 

Quick Die Change Systems are becoming a standard for large manufacturers as they not only increase production efficiency, but also improve the overall working environment. The Automatic Die Change System can be built specifically for your machining requirements and will drastically reduce machine idle time during die changes, boosting your competitiveness. There are also a number of indirect benefits of installing a Quick Die Change System for your hydraulic and mechanical type press machines. 

Firstly, automated operations reduce labor expenses, but also reduce workshop accidents and the physical stresses on operators, making them more productive. Secondly, all dies can be changed without any modification allowing for the use of standardized die and press equipment, saving costs. Lastly, multiple presses can share a single Quick Die Change System, further economizing on costs and resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.
FORWELL QDCS冲床专用快速换模系统,提供给各式冲床模具多样性的快速换模专用元件,此系统的使用,不仅降低了冲床的闲置时间,并且大大的促进了产能的提升,使得生产管理更为合理化。
导入前 导入后
1 手动操作。 自动化。
2 在换模时,人力操作要花很长的时间锁紧。 只需按操作板上的操作钮。
3 锁紧力道会因着不同的工作而有所差异。 锁模力是一样的。安全地增加。
04 现场人员花费很多精神,同时工安意外可能性增加。 只要透过操作板,现场人员不但可以节省人力,还能降低工安意外发生率。
05 螺丝松弛时没有安全警示。 有安全警示功能,当有问题时,机台会自动停机。

The Forwell Quick Die Change System boosts the efficiency and safety of small to large scale pressing operations. For the system configuration best suited to your needs, please refer to the following sections.

Basic clamp selection

Select TX Clamp when die U-slots are provided.

Select TY Clamp when die U-slots are not provided.
Determine the required clamping force

Clamping force = 20% of Press Tonnage
Distribution of upper to lower die clamping force

Higher press tonnage for the upper die.

Ratio of upper clamping force to lower clamping force=3:2

(Single die clamping force)=(upper or lower die clamping force)÷number of clamps
How to determine the number of clamps required

Determine the number of clamps according to the dimensions and configuration of your die and the T-slot arrangement on the press.
Screw Bolt M16 M18 M20 M24 M30 M38
Clamping Force(tf) 3 4 5 10 15 20

Determine the number of clamps according to the dimensions and configuration of your die and the T-slot arrangement on the press.
Selection of Die Lifters

Select Spring-Loaded of Hydraulic Die Lifters
Select Spring-Loaded (DR DU) or Hydraulic (DL) Die Lifters according to the press tonnage, die weight and the die positioning accuracy required.

Selection criteria
Die Lifter
Lift Capacity
Maximum Die Lifter Load Weight
U-slot Size
Selection of Die Arms

RC Detachable Type

RD Drop-down Type

RE/RF Folding Type
Selection criteria
Die Dimensions
Maximum Die Arm Load Weight