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Online forum 《PACKAING TREND AND FUTURE》 is held by Taiwan Packaging Association and PRM. The live-stream will be broadcasting on June 23 at 10:00-12:00 (GMT+8, Taipei) on PRM Media Channel YouTube.


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Aluminum Foil Printing Techniques | WORLDLY
Aluminum Foil Printing Techniques | WORLDLY

Have you ever wondered how essential it is for manufacturers and consumers to have the right packaging or sealing material on a decomposable product like medicine, snacks/drinks, or any other related product? By interviewing Klive from WORLDY, we have been explaining what kind of technical strengths Worldly has and they are capable of manufacturing and designing customization machines according to client's demand. Moreover, You will obtain the knowledge of the difference between plastic and aluminum foil to understand the applications of each materials.

Core Objects for Plastic & Rubber Machines | NAN YUN
Do you know SCREWS and BARRELS? Those are dispensable parts to injection molding machines, extruders and relevant machines in the plastic and rubber industry. Nan Yun Industrial Co., LTD., an expert who specializes in designing and manufacturing a full range of screws and barrels. With more than 30 years of experience, Nan Yun’s team provides customization services to meet customer’s special applications. By interviewing Mr. Kuo-Feng Huang, Assistant Manager of ST Dept., we also discussed an important engineering technology concept “Reverse Engineering” and how Nan Yun applied it into their business. Moreover, after-sales service is one of Nan Yun’s values. By Gathering feedback and reviewing consultation forms in past years, they could provide accurate solutions to their customers. 【Video Outline】 00:00 - Introduction 00:45 - The role of Nan Yun 01:22 - The specialty of Nan Yun 03:03 - Service during the pandemic 03:37 - Solutions to customer’s problems 04:25 - Future plans and messages to customers 05:23 - Closing 
Product Enhancement Through In-mold labels & Heat Transfer Films | XIANG IN
Have you ever wondered that your products do not look good and attractive? There is a simple way to enhance your product outlook and increase the quality and profitability. Throughout the interview with Ms. Penny, General Manager from XIANG IN ENTERPRISE, we have discussed advantages by using in-mold labels and heat transfer films to level up your products. Moreover, both of these two techniques not only be used in plastic, but also apply on wood, glass, metal and some particular materials. XIANG IN has been dedicated to developing its technique and improving their inspection. Therefore, the competitiveness of their products could not be replaced due to their strength of expiration and accurate quality inspection.
Find Your Plastic & Rubber Supplier | PRM-TAIWAN
Welcome to PRM-TAIWAN Plastic & Rubber B2B Website introduction video. In this video you will watch how to find Taiwanese Plastic and Rubber Machinery suppliers through PRM-Taiwan. It's so simple! Just go to  select the machinery or materials, and send your inquiry. Leave the rest part to us.  
Up and Midstream of Taiwan Automation Manufacturing | What To Say EP16
  Have you ever wondered why Taiwan is an automation and automotive parts manufacturing stronghold? In this episode, you will be explaining the first two streams, which are upstream and midstream, which are the initial points for the following procedure of the automotive industry.
Plastic Injection Molding Innovations and Green Solutions | KING'S SOLUTION
Livestream time: November 20th at 19: 00 (GMT +8, Taipei) The Livestream that PRM Media Channel held with  KING'S SOLUTION CORP. with the title of Plastic Injection Molding Innovations and Green Solutions brings you new insight into the injection molding machine industry. Remember to direct your questions in the live chat section,  KING'S SOLUTION and PRM Media Channel will be replying to your questions. What are the challenges, trends, and innovations in the injection molding industry? How to sustain after-sales services during post-pandemic? What advantages LPM (Low-Pressure Molding) brings to the manufacturers compared to Epoxy Injection Molding? Do you also have similar questions like that or would like to learn more? Then we welcome you to watch the Livestream video on November 20th at 19: 00 (GMT +8, Taipei) 【VIDEO OUTLINE】 00:00  Opening 00:59  KING'S SOLUTION CORPORATION 02:00  "Green Solution, Machine Soulmate" Slogan 03:04  Why to customize the machines? 05:00  Customized Machine Series 06:00  Market Challenges and Successful Cases 10:38  5 Gallon PET Preform Injection Molding Solutions 12:35  Advantages of KING’S in 5 Gallon PET Preforms 16:16  Trends in Injection Molding Market 18:40  LPM Application Examples 23:00  LPM Method vs Epoxy Method 26:00  After Sales Services and Customer Relations 28:55  Message to Current and Potential Customers Know PRM Media Channel more on: PRM Media Channel Website: PRM Facebook: PRM LinkedIn:
Plastic Thermoforming Machine - Fruit Container Box Machine | CHUDONG
Plastic Thermoforming Machine for Fruit Container Box - RMD 800from CHUDONG MACHINERY European design, intelligent control, lightweight. Convenient mold change, quick, suitable for smaller quantities and diverse production line manufacturing. High rate of movement, low failure rate, reducing the costs associated with machine errors. Innovative intelligent system, which gives the operator an easy to use interactive interface which reduces the opportunity for human error. Remote obstacle monitoring and instantaneous data processing allow rapid problem correction. High-precision cutting technology, allowing high-speed control, low machinery wear, and exceptional cutting performance. Adjustable, automatic stacking technology, which remembers your last production needs. Applications: Disposable Sushi box, egg tray, Various types of lids, Cooked food coverings, Strawberry box, Salad box, Plastic containers, Transparent salad containers, Fruit box, Vegetable box, Fresh fruit packaging, All types of food packaging, Takeout box, Instant noodle bowl, Lunch box, and so on
Online and Offline Machinery Information for you! | PRM What To Say EP15
In this episode, we will uncover a series of online and offline information about machines and manufacturers related to the Plastics and Rubber Industry. Due to the pandemic many international exhibitions have been cancelled, postponed or even transformed into a digital exhibition. This has led us to become victims of the ones who attend international exhibitions. Nevertheless, for every challenging time there's always an opportunity to develop and become better. Following this philosophy we have brought a solution for the international companies in the related field who have been affected by the current situation. Check the video above to know more about the solutions we bring to the ones who are passionate about attending international exhibitions!
Plastic Blow Molding Process Explained | PRM What to Say EP 13
In blow molding, hollow plastic components are formed through a producing process categorized into three main methods: injection, extrusion, and injection stretch blow molding.  In this episode of PRM What to Say, the plastic blow molding process is explained. Besides, we also mentioned some common benefits of the blow molding production method. For more info and machine manufacturer info, you can refer PRM-TAIWAN Blow Molding Machine category at Blow Molding Machine Category Since blow molding allows freedom for design and engineering, the range of applications that you can manufacture by blow molding is really wide. The automotive industry, Appliance components, Medical supplies and parts, Children’s toys, Packaging, Sporting Goods, and Industrial bulk containers are where we see blow molded products often. The blow molding process is very suitable for automation.  Especially using the robot technology for take out units and packaging offers the benefit of faster production. Besides that, you can also reduce labor costs by using automation.
Live Broadcast of High-quality MIT Suppliers | 2022 Taipei Pack
This year, Taipei Pack Exhibition will continue to exhibit various types of packaging machinery, materials, and logistics from different Taiwanese Manufacturers. Of course, PRM Media Channel will continue to attend this year's exhibition with LIVE STREAM video interviewing different manufacturers and giving you insights about their machinery technologies and functionality. Event: Taipei Pack Exhibition Date & Time: June 23, 2022 , 15:00 (GMT+8) Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1) If you are looking for a packaging machine or packaging relevant suppliers, We, PRM MEDIA CHANNEL, invite you to watch this LIVE STREAM! Stay tuned!
Contribution to Circular Economy & ESG Implementation | GEORDING
In recent years, many manufacturers in the plastics industry have been aware of the environmental issues to reduce waste and protect our environment.  GEORDING MACHINERY CO., LTD. has dedicated to innovating their machines with superior features which can process various plastic materials, such as PA, PET, ABS, TPU, Calcium Carbonate and even PE foam. By keeping developing and improving their technology, GEORDING has become one of the leaders of the extruder supplier as well.  Through the interview with the sales manager, Jessica Liu, she expressed the implementation of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle are core concepts to GEORDING. With the Refuse Derived Fuel production line, they could share the idea and provide assistance to lower greenhouse gas emissions.  Supporting their customers is the priority of after-sale service. Even though the pandemic has been affecting the world, GEORDING still maintains an excellent relationship with customers by arranging video meetings and providing the service of remote tests. Therefore, they have been awarding the OEM cooperation with a long-term partner in Japan.  One of GEORDING’s customers in Japan uses their RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) to plant vegetables by using their equipment. As a result, we could tell that more and more manufacturers value the sustainability of ESG.  【Video Outline】 00:00 - Introduction 00:39 - Contribution to the circular economy 02:03 - RDF production line for ESG 03:06 - After-sales service for installation & maintenance 04:01 - OEM cooperation 04:39 - R&D developments 06:20 - Customer success stories 07:40 - Closing
Customization & After-sale Service | GENIUS
More and more countries request all plastic-made products to be fully recycled; therefore, plastic recycling machines have been important. Mr. Peter Tsai, the general manager of Genius, explained the best seller “Single Stage Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine” as known as KRIEGER series in their product lines. This machine is capable of recycling HDPE drums and films with superior features, such as Italian-made heater, extruder-degassing vents, dual piston filters. With excellent customer satisfaction and customization service, Genius awarded an order from a returning Japanese client again. According to the language and the use habits, the parts of the machine have been installed with many Japanese brands in order to lessen obstacles while Japanese employees operate the machine. Moreover, Peter has expressed how Genius values customer satisfaction, customization service and after-sales service in the interview. Through this video, you will be showcased how Genius is running the testing of Single Cutter Compactor Machine before shipment. 【Brief Intro】 Genius Machinery specializes in the comprehensive plant planning of plastic recycling equipment. With over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing plastic recycling equipment. 【Video Outline】 00:00 - Introduction 00:31 - Machine Testing & Superior Features 02:10 - Conveyor Belt 02:19 - Compactor 02:50 - Extruder-degassing 03:19 - Dual Piston Filter 03:40 - Pelletizer 04:18 - Details of customized control panel 05:21 - Materials Process & Applications of Machine 06:27 - After-sale service for installation & maintenance 08:05 - Messages to customers  
Online Forum 《Packaging Trends and Future》| 2022 TAIPEI PACK
Event date: June 23rd, 2022 10:00-12:00
Plastic Bags on Roll Making Machine Series | CHAO WEI
Introducing a full range of Plastic Bags On Roll Making Machine Series from CHAO WEI, which is a pioneer plastic bag making machine manufacturer in Taiwan with more than 35 years of experience in this field. 【SPECIALTIES OF CHAO WEI】 Bag on Roll Machines T-Shirt Bag Making Machine Side Sealing Machines Bottom Sealing Machines Whole Plant Equipment 【ABOUT CHAO WEI】 CHAO WEI Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is an advanced manufacturer of plastic bag making machines with more than 35 years of experience with ISO 9001 & CE certificate in Taiwan. CHAO WEI’s main goal is to enhance the value of machines and to create new performance capabilities that will meet the customers’ production efficiency and profitability.  
Digital Transformation for Packaging Industry | Taiwan Packaging Association
In this video, we interview the new Chairman of Taiwan Packaging Association, Mr. Benker Liao. Throughout this video Mr. Liao introduces the importance of participation in the international exhibitions for the Packaging Industry and how it was affected during the pandemic. The new Chairman has encouraged the players of Taiwan Packaging Industry to make a change in mindset, organizational and business transformation for Online Marketing.
Rotary Table Injection Molding Machine | TAIWAN KINKI
MACHINERY IN THE VIDEO: Rotary Table Injection Molding Machine with Full Auto System from TAIWAN KINKI (TKC) [TAIWAN KINKI LINES OF BUSINESS] Production of vertical plastic injection molding machines. Design of automatic injection molding machinery. Turn-key plants for accessories and peripherals for injection machinery. Injection mold design and manufacturing. Electrodeposition, powder coating, baking enamel, and leather treatment. Agency of the vertical injection machine and Zinc alloy coating. [APPLICATIONS]  Especially suitable to manufacture Automobile Parts [TAIWAN KINKI (TKC) BACKGROUND] TKC had over 40 years of experience in Vertical Injection Molding Machine manufacturing. The company offers a full series of vertical injection molding machine portfolios including Standard, Slide, and Rotary table models. TKC also offers mold design and a full auto system for customer's products.
CI Flexo Printing Machine - RPM1208-CI | ROTOFLEXO
MACHINERY IN THE VIDEO: CI Flexo Printing Machine - RPM1208-CI | ROTOFLEXO - 8 colors central impression flexo printing machine - High precision stainless-steel impression drum imported from Italy - Automatic water temperature control system - High precision gear transmission system - Closed chamber doctor blade system - Automatic tension, edge, and web guide control - High speed forward and reverse printing desk motion - High precision ball screw designs for key components - Motorised horizontal and longitudinal registration system - Electric heat/drying system - CNC desk position control
Plastic Continuous Thermoforming Machine - Automatic Cup Lids Machine | CHUDONG
Continuous Plastic Thermoforming Machine For Cup Lids | SL-1220A from CHUDONG MACHINERY High-rigidity design of machine bed: Integral casting design combined with high-tension steel plate structure offers steady and low noise operation. 4-column high-rigidity guide-rod mechanism: Guide-rods are made of top-grade steel, offering high repetitivity of mold clamping in combination with the 4-column mold structure for steady forming. Servo chain feeding system: Japanese chain operated by servo-controller ensures exact precision of high-speed feeding. Precision Temperature Control System: Independent temperature control with the respective settings for each temperature zone uses SSR with PID calculus for controlling the temperature, combined with high-speed transmission and control, offers precision adjustment, and is convenient for elevated yield. Upper and Lower Heating Oven: German-made ceramic heater, temperature accuracy can be controlled very well. Automatic Lubrication System: Automatic oil feed for slide parts, eliminating any failure resulting from insufficient lubrication. Applications: Disposable Sushi box, egg tray, Various types of lids, Cooked food coverings, Strawberry box, Salad box, Plastic containers, Transparent salad containers, Fruit box, Vegetable box, Fresh fruit packaging, All types of food packaging, Takeout box, Instant noodle bowl, Lunch box, and so on
Live stream on 2022 Taichung Industrial Automation Exhibition
This year we are attending Taichung Industrial Automation Exhibition and we are excited to share with you by hosting a Live stream. Let PRM show you an online tour of the exhibition and you will have a quick look and receive industrial news, and the latest machines and equipment.  Date & Time: July 16th, 2022  15:00 (GMT+8) Location: Taichung International Exhibition Center (TCIEC), Taiwan   The exhibition includes: Plastic packaging manufacturing machinery Hardware & Accessory Equipment Area     Cutting Tools Area Machine Tools Area Industrial Machinery Area Warehousing & Handling Equipment Area Inspecting Measuring & Testing Equipment Area Surface Finishing Are