分类: 印刷电路板冲孔油压脱料系统
国家: 台湾
电话: 886-4-8345196
传真: 886-4-8345197
联络人: 萧皕成
fORWELL'S PCB Fine Piercing Systems made by Forwell Precision Machinery Co. Ltd combine a hydraulic power unit charged with air pressure, a piercing plate and a quick die change system. This system uses hydraulic pumps to activate the pressing operation, either using automatic or manual control. Also due to the hydraulic power unit, this system is very energy efficient and highly reliable, and with its simple structure easy maintenance is ensured.

 Moreover with this system easy adjustments can be made to the operating pressure according to the PCB material and specifications, generating efficient pressing and excellent results. Additionally these systems are perfect for high quality, high accuracy piercing and stripping of PCB’s, and with a quick die change system, increased productivity is guaranteed.
适用冲床 型号 脱料能力 压板能力
60 ~ 80TON FP-2 35.0tf Max. 16.0tf Max.
80 ~ 110TON FP-3 43.0tf Max. 21.0tf Max.
110 ~ 150TON FP-5 45.0tf Max. 24.0tf Max.
150 ~ 200TON FP-7 63.0tf Max. 36.0tf Max.
200 ~ 350TON FP-8 100.0tf Max. 50.0tf Max.