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AC-AC 固态继电器

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ARICO - 【AC-AC 固态继电器】最佳解决方案: 长新科技(ARICO)与台湾橡胶/塑胶射出工业领域共存共荣,奠基自1987年以来的长年纯熟制造技术,专注于工业控制仪器技术之研发与创新,特别擅长于精密「AC-AC 固态继电...Details


Category : 帮浦


DC-AC 固态继电器

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ARICO - 【DC-AC 固态继电器】最佳解决方案: 长新科技(ARICO)与台湾橡胶/塑胶射出工业领域共存共荣,奠基自1987年以来的长年纯熟制造技术,专注于工业控制仪器技术之研发与创新,特别擅长于精密「DC-AC 固态继电...Details

除露机 (AC)

Category : 冷却装置


Solid State Relay - SB / SV / SY Type

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ARICO - The Best Solution Of SB / SV / SY Type
ARICO Technology and worldwide's rubber and plastic injection industry manufacturers have cultivated a long and stable co-operation relati...Details

Small Electric Motor Continuous Operation Type - IK Motor

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A small induction motor is an ac electric motor, which performs for directional and continuous operation by connecting single phease AC power or three phase AC power. Small Induction motors can sup...Details


Category : 指示器


Inverter Duty Motor: TFEF Series

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Higher precision motion control and speed adjustment to make the machine in automation, high production capacity purpose.Details

HomeProductsInverter / Inverter Duty Motor: GFEF Series

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Foot mounted
Insulation class: F class
Suitable for general inverter applications
Basic speed adjustment
Reliable operation function
Energy-saving and easy-mainte...Details

Spindle Servo Motor: SP12 Series

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SP12 suitable for technical request below 12000RPM and available for customized or high speed type spindle motor.Details


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●减少变频器对电网的谐波干扰。 ●改善用电品质,提高功率因数,减少无效功率。Details

Synchronous Servo Motor PSEF Series

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Suitable for automation processing machinery which requires large torque variation characteristics.Details