分类: 快速换模台车系统
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联络人: 萧皕成
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<• 機台盤面加工尺寸(裝置物品之固定孔)>
• 机台自动调整模开(输入模厚参数,机台会自动+10~15mm)
• 机台预留与换模台车的对话功能
• 机台安全门尺寸修改配合
• 模具定位槽加工/模板倒角
• 模具勾拉用固定板加工

Forwell’s Die Cart / Mold Cart System provides automatic die or mold changes for a range of different machines, such as plastic injection molding machines, plastic extrusion machines and press machines. This Die Cart / Mold Cart system offers very fast, efficient and safe die and mold changes, using an advanced cart on rails system.

Conventional die or mold changes can often take over an hour, but with the Die / Mold Cart System, die or mold changes are automatically completed in just a fraction of the time. Using this system, all procedures from die transfer and changing, to positioning and clamping is carried out by this system, resulting in extremely accurate die or mold changes. As the Die / Mold Cart System offers very precise die or mold changes, many operational issues can be avoided such as locking screws breaking when hand tightened, and incorrect mold alignment resulting in damage to the mold or production equipment.

The Die / Mold Cart System also massively increases safety and efficiency, by allowing for automatic operations and making it feasible to perform many small batch production runs. Another great feature of this system is that it can be configured to specific user needs, different production facilities and serve multiple production lines at once.

  1. Large work table size (with fixed hold) 
  2. Automatic mold opening adjustment (just input die)
  3. thickness parameter and machine will automatically adjust)
  4. Machine safety door size adjuster
  5. Die locating slot/mold platen chamfer
  6. Fixed platen for mold pulling

射出机(注塑机) 夹模器数量 盘面滚轮 定位孔尺寸
机台吨数 夹持力 M(mm) N(mm)
~450t 80t TFX-10x8 60 50 30
~550t 128t TFX-16x8 80 50 30
~850t 128t TFX-16x8 80 50 30
~1300t 200t TFX-25x8 100 60 38
~2000t 320t TFX-40x8 120 80 40
~2500t 320t TFX-40x8 160 80 40
~3000t 320t TFX-40x8 180 80 40