分类: 制袋机
国家: 台湾
电话: 886-6-2730889
传真: 886-6-2730887
联络人: 林副总
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The bag on roll making machine PM is available for making garbage bags with paper core. The machine is equipped with bottom sealing knife and perforation knife. Maximum width of the garbage bag can reach 700mm.
1 layer, 1 deck1 layer, 1 deck1 layer, 2 deck2 layer, 2 deck
Lane: 1 lanesLane: 1 lanesLane: 2 lanesLane: 4 lanes
Bag width: 700mmBag width: 900mmBag width: 350mmBag width: 450mm
Bag length: 800mmBag length: 800mmBag length: 800mmBag length: 800mm
30-120 pcs/min (1 lane)30-120 pcs/min (1 lane)30-120 pcs/min (1 lane)30-120 pcs/min (1 lane)
60-120 pcs/min (2 lane)60-120 pcs/min (2 lane)