分类: PE延伸膜/保洁膜整厂设备/覆卷机
应用领域: 其他类 薄膜塑料
国家: 台湾
电话: 886-3-328-8686
传真: 886-3-328-3737
联络人: 郭玉霖
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  • 用途为将大卷薄膜覆卷成小卷的薄膜
  • RW-1为全自动入纸管、卷取、切割、换纸管,固定宽度300MM
  • RW-2为手动入纸管、自动卷取、手动切割,宽度可从200MM到550MM
  • RW-3为全自动入纸管、卷取、切割、换纸管,固定宽度500MM





覆卷宽度 (mm)




覆卷长度 (Kg/h) *




覆卷速度 (mm)

Max. 560


Max. 560


* 速度会依照膜宽、膜厚、原料等而改变


The Fastest Rewinding Machine Made In Taiwan

Chyi Yang developed a new PE Stretch Film Rewinder Machine. The Rewinder machine mainly is used in rewinding stretch film & cling film. This machine is fully automatic, it can feed the paper core, rewind film, cut film and change paper core, glue & label automatically. Chyi Yang is expert in developing PE stretch film whole equipment for more than 50 years.

The newly machine speed is max. 1000 m/min. For 300mm film width & length 20 meters, the machine speed can be upto 20 pcs per minute. It’s the fastest Rewinder machine in PE stretch & cling field in Taiwan. The automatic Rewinder Machine can rewind film thickness from 0.009mm to 0.015mm. The noise analysis is around 70db in 30cm distance with this machine.

The film can be fold in the end of finished rolls, the consumers can find the film to tear off easier. You also can choose to install labeling machine in our rewinding machine. Our machine can automatically stick the label for all finished rolls.

If you would like to rewind aluminum foil, you can buy optional Glue Dispenser or Labeling Machine. Our rewinding machine can glue or label the finished film. The labor cost is increasing day by day, this Rewinding machine is fully automatically to cut your labor cost to be minimum. This rewinding machine was developed in multi-function, not only for PE stretch film but also for aluminum foil to ensure your maximum profits at minimum cost.

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