JS 602U "U" 型吸管包装机

分类: 吸管包装机/吸管自动包装机
应用领域: 各式包装袋 吸管
国家: 台湾
电话: 886-4-2359-0788
传真: 886-4-2359-0567
联络人: 郭经理
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  • The machine can perform sharp end cutting on the straws, ensuring all sharp ends are packed in the same direction.
  • All machine speeds are variable.
  • High production rate of 350-500 pcs/min. (JS 602U)
  • Automatic machine stop in the event of straw jamming.
  • Automatic product counting. Product quantity preset.
  • Once the present value is reached, the alarm will sound.
  • All rollers are manufactured from aluminum.
  • Suction device for sharp end waste.
  • The machine is easy to operate with minimum trouble.

Other lengths are available Please confilm lengths (B) and (C) when ordering.

The machine can perform sharp end cutting on the straw without the need for an
additional machine.
This allows sharp ends of straws to wrap in the same direction.

The mechanism performs waste suction, pressing and sealing operations.
Copper forming pressure roller is designed with 20 cavities.



JS 602 U

Straw Size

3.8 mm (dia.) x 162 mm (Corrugated)

Packing Material

OPP film x 150 mm width

Wrapped Straw Length

105 mm


350 - 500 pcs/min

Pitch Between Two Straws

21.99 mm

Unwind Paper Core

3" dia

Driving Motor

2 HP x 4P + Invertor

Air Blower

1/2 HP

Sharp End Cutting Unit

1 set

Waste Suction Device

1 set


Copper Forming Pressure Roller

1 set (20 cavities)


1450 W

Temperature Controller

1 set

Film Take Up Roller With Vacuum

1 set (30 cavities)

(Material : silicon)


Air Cylinder

4.8 mm (dia.) x 8 x 2 pcs

Punching Unit

1 set

Motor For Winding

60 W

Auto Counter

1 set

Emergency Stop

1 pc

Total Electricity

4.1 KW

Machine Dimension

3750 x 1500 x 1700 mm

Machine Weight

2000 kgs

* All specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.