JS 605PW Individual Straw Packing Machine

分类: 吸管包装机/吸管自动包装机
应用领域: 各式包装袋 吸管
国家: 台湾
电话: 886-4-2359-0788
传真: 886-4-2359-0567
联络人: 郭经理
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Ideal for packing a wide varlety of straws, the JUMBO STEEL JS 605PW Straw packing machine provides a high packing rate of 800-1000 pcs/min, and incorporates and automatic, two-color water base ink printing capability.
The packing size is fully adjustable with a length range from 190 mm to 260 mm. JUMBO STEEL's Straw packing machine not only makes your straw packing operations easier and more efficlend, but provides you with highly rellable perfromance for year affer year operations.
JS 605PW Packing material is OPP or paper, OPP film need to be pre-printed or keep transparent.
Capacity 800 - 1000 pcs/min
Packing Size 3 sizes between 19 ~ 26 cm
Main Dirver Motor AC 2 HP + Inverter
Wrapping Material Paper / OPP film
Printing Device With automatic 2 color water base ink printing
Weight 550 kgs
Machine Dmension 250 cm (L) 165 cm (W) 175 cm (H)

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