分类: Flexographic Printing Press
国家: 台湾
电话: 886-5-5916970
传真: 886-5-5916968
联络人: 刘总经理
  • The BOTHEVEN Printing Press #MP Serial is design for fabric sheet printing, such as after cutting and bottom sewing of laminated or un-laminated bag, paper bag ....etc.
  • Easy operation, easy change printing plate.
  • Special design a Action Roller dispense device, the printing cylinder won't dirty conveyor when empty load.
  • Processing Bag Width : 300-800mm Applicable
  • Processing Bag Length : 400-1250mm Applicable
  • Printing Range : 700(W )X 940(L) mm
  • Production Output : 0-60 bags / minute
  • Printing Method : Flexographic On Single Side
  • Printing Colors : From 1 to 6 Colors