分类: 油压裁断设备
国家: 台湾
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联络人: Sophie Lu

  • The consumption of mold and cutting board can be reduced at least 50%.
  • Cutting depth can be controlled at the same point each cutting process.
  • Bother double-side and single-side operation, time and manpower saving, one machine for two purposes to give excellent effect of production.
  • Double-side pressure and touch-type electronic counter watch are separatively deviced, so different sizes of product can be adopted.
  • Super precision oil way design, silent for performance, stable location for each action, to increase the service life of parts and tool mold deviced with cutting board rotary table, the consumption of cutting board can de reduced.
  • Body frame adopts high tension steel plate under stress relief process for long application without being deformed.(We welcome any special size from buyer).

Cutting for stationery, vacuum shaping, double-blister, footwear, EVA foaming disposal dinner set, combination drawing, leather, plastic brick, and oil seal, etc. various shaped goods.


Precision cutting depth adjustment device.