全电式吹瓶中空成型机-CM-FE 系列

分类: 挤出吹塑成型
国家: 台湾
电话: 886-4-22332281
传真: 886-4-22306247
联络人: 江小姐
  • Energy Saving. The machine is controlled by servo motors without hydraulic system.60 % less energy consumption compared to hydraulic power models.
  • Quietness and low noise level. The noise of servo motor is much less than inductive motor for hydraulic pump.
  • Clean and no oil pollution. No oil leaking problem and annoying piping work. It is the best choice for production in clean-room.
  • More precise and faster cycle time: Servo motor could make excellent precision in high-speed running to improve production efficiency.
  • More Environmentally-friendly and user friendly.
  • It also has a much lower risk of failure and generally easier and cheaper to maintain and repair than hydraulic blow molding machine.