分类: Whole-plant Equipment of Raschel Machines
国家: 台湾
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联络人: 余总经理

Slitting Extension M/C 

This slitting extension machine is located in front and rear of a film slitting extension machine, which is used to slit a HDPE film and extend, then yarns are fed directly to the film slitting extension Machine. 

The machine consists mainly of: 

Sheet width: 1,200mm. 

Opening rollers. 

Fixed flat knives with adjustable spacing ring to give strip width of 4.0 - 7.0 mm. 

Transport rollers driven by 2 steps change drive. 

Winding beam devices of the selvedge yarn. 

Main drive: 2 sets machine attached one unit 2.2 kw motor. 

Heater: each set machine attached 5 kw.