High Speed Double Side 4-12 Color Roll-To-Roll Printing Machine(Direct Printing Method)

分类: Woven Bag Printing Machines


国家: 台湾
电话: 886-5-2215139 /886-5-2215149
传真: 886-5-2219259
联络人: 李小姐

  • This model uses flexo ink and direct printing method. It is easy to operate and maintain.
  • Equipped with auto tension control and EPC (Edge position controller) to ensure superior printing on every bag.
  • We use "Surface Friction Rewinder" and "Air cylinder" to flatten the surface of PP woven cloths. 
  • Printing Speed: 60~100M/Min
  • Customers can select Model: GS-80 (Gusseting machine) to work inline with this machine to expand market potential. The machine can print entire bag surface.

  • Colored Touch Screen Computer Operation System
  • Automatic ink circulation system
  • Auto. Web Guiding System
  • Auto. Tension Control
  • One set of plate cylinders (Q’ty depend on the color of machine)

  • Corona treatment device
  • Video Camera for Printing Control
  • Non-Stop Roller Exchanger for Unwinder/Rewinder
  • “NEW TYPE” Auto. Roller Changing System for Rewinder
  • Plate Mounting Machine
  • Ink Viscosity Controller
  • Cooling Roller